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BLA Podcast
BLA Connections; A Clear Voice informs, educates and connects laryngologists from all around the world
“Dynamic, focused, passionate, approachable and dedicated”

The Client

The British Laryngological Association (BLA) is a membership society that aims to advance laryngology for the public’s benefit through research, education and training. The BLA promotes all medical, surgical and rehabilitative aspects of laryngology and holds meetings at which those interested in laryngology are able to meet, discuss clinical practice and present clinical and basic scientific research.  

The Challenge

In March 2020 all educational training and events were cancelled or put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The BLA needed a resource to inform, educate and connect their membership and wider professional community through this challenging time.

The Solution 

Heather’s Media Hub moved quickly to find a solution that would reach BLA’s audience effectively, to disseminate urgent information and bridge the trainee gap. BLA Connections: A Clear Voice podcast was launched. 

I designed, developed and created a podcast series with the then-BLA Trainee representative Natalie Watson. Heather’s Media Hub produced and directed the podcast series of 6 episodes released weekly covering COVID-19 and Laryngology. Using the BLA website, social media channels, and the new BLA Connections app and ensuring press coverage in professional newsletters and titles, a marketing campaign was created to promote the podcast successfully. 

The Results 

  • The audience received the podcast well and it’s now entering 5th series in 2023.
  • The podcast is listened to in 76 countries.
  • Over 8000 downloads
  • Charted in 25 podcast charts
  • The podcast is an excellent addition to the association’s free resources. It’s a key factor in fulfilling the BLA’s aims to advance laryngology through research, education and training for the benefit of the public.

A pleasure to work with.
“It's been a pleasure to work with Heather for the last couple of years on the comms for the British Laryngological Association. Heather created the very successful BLA Connections app and has been the social media manager for the BLA. She has worked tirelessly editing and producing the BLA podcasts (BLA Connections - A Clear Voice), which has reached 76 countries Worldwide and has over 8000 downloads to date. Heather is dynamic, focused, passionate, approachable and dedicated to produce high-quality work.”
Natalie Watson
BLA Council Member & Host of BLA Connections: A Clear Voice

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