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Spearheading mobile app development to help the BLA boost audience engagement
“With every idea and project launch, the BLA profile has been raised”

The Client 

The British Laryngological Association (BLA) is a membership society that aims to advance laryngology for the public’s benefit through research, education and training. The BLA promotes all medical, surgical and rehabilitative aspects of laryngology and holds meetings at which those interested in laryngology are able to meet, discuss clinical practice and present clinical and basic scientific research.  

The Challenge

The British Laryngological Association asked Heather’s Media Hub to produce a digital product to engage with the delegates, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors attending the Cutting Edge Laryngology Conference in September 2019, eight weeks before the event. 

The Solution 

In less than two months, I researched and developed a mobile app for the conference. The BLA Connections app complemented the existing website and supporting resources, raising awareness of the conference and driving engagement with delegates. 

The software was researched and purchased with the app build confirmed by early August 2019. Beta testing was conducted with BLA council members before the launch at the beginning of September. 

Mobile app features: 

  • Full interactive programme – sessions can be added to the users agenda on the app
  • Speaker profiles with live contact links 
  • Full abstracts for posters and oral presentations 
  • Sponsor section with contact details 
  • BLA Council information 
  • Live Q&A via the app during sessions 
  • Push notifications to alert users of important information 
  • Live Twitter feed
  • All information needed about the event venue and surrounding area 
  • How to become a BLA member 

Following the app launch, I led a marketing campaign using email campaigns, social media platforms, the BLA website and press releases to relevant titles, newsletters, societies, associations and professional bodies. 

The Results 

  • 90% uptake of attending delegates download app. 
  • Commercially viable – 7 industry sponsors backed the initiative. 
  • Great buzz at the conference, with press coverage in industry titles and a welcome message from the First Minister of Scotland.  

Once the conference was over, the app was transformed into a membership app for ongoing engagement – providing an invaluable communication channel during the pandemic. 

The app is also used to promote the BLA Connections: A Clear Voice podcast, events, all news items and any further resources to be made available to the users.

Link to mobile app

With the BLA Council at the Cutting Edge Laryngology Conference, Edinburgh 2019

Keep up the excellent work!
“Heather joined the BLA team in June 2019 and has been a great asset indeed. With every idea and project launch, the BLA profile has been raised through managing our social media accounts, launching our free educational app BLA connect and most recently BLA Connections: A Clear Voice podcast series. All have kept our community connected and informed, which has been needed more than ever during the last year. Keep up the excellent work”
Mark Watson
BLA President 2019 -2021

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